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Discover the amazing secrets to looking "Great Naked"
from two of the hottest Playgirl and DNA cover models.

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And you know what I found from all those books and all those years of in the gym research? There is no perfect program. It's all about training with a certain system that allows your body to adapt in the right way, creating the physical changes you need to achieve your goal.

Once I understood how to train within that system, applying the “Ten Growth Factors”, I was able to achieve any physical goal I set out to do.

I’ve then used that knowledge to help countless clients get the body they desire now it’s my turn to help you.

From muscle growth to fat loss to more endurance and stamina whatever your fitness goals are you can and will achieve them.

When I was a skinny 14 year old, I set out with the goal of developing a muscular body, like what I saw on TV and in magazines.

Not knowing what to do and having not much in the way of gym equipment, I started in my home doing mainly push-ups, sit-ups and a little dumbbell work. Once high school began, I used the school's equipment, doing the workouts they told me to do. In that first year I noticed some progress, but I felt I could be better. Knowing very little about working out or the human body, I figured that the more I trained the better the results would be. I got to the point where I was doing four hour-long workouts a day! Of course, I wasn't seeing any dramatic results other than being over-tired. I was overtraining.

My Story
Hello, and Welcome to DavidRichFitnessNaked.com

My name is David Rich, many of you may have heard my name before or even have seen my pictures as they have appeared in several national magazines, such as DNA and Playgirl, I have also written several fitness articles as well as holding three National certifications: ISSA, NCEP, and Resist-A-Ball Core Instructor and work as a Personal Trainer in the Los Angeles Area.

Like many of you I wasn’t born with great genetics and I didn’t always have a body that was fit for national magazines.

Prepare to Look Great Naked!
Your life is about to change. What I’m about to do is reveal to you the training system that will allow you to look so good naked that you might just stop wearing clothes all together!
You want to look great Naked. Who doesn’t? People will treat you better, you’ll get more attention and more friends, a more fulfilling love lifeyou will feel great and get to live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

David Rich and Guest Celerbrity
Appearance Workout DVD:
Develop the Body of a Fitness Model
Looking Great Naked:
The Training System

Learn how to do the most effective exercises from two of the industries Top male fitness models.
In this rare appearance I had the honor of teaming up with one of the Greatest male Fitness Models in the industry, who I’m sure you’ve seen either on the cover of DNA, on various soaps, or just about any top Men’s Fitness Magazine, to create a Workout DVD entitled: Develop the Body of a Fitness Model. This is the first, and currently only time this well known male celebrity and fitness guru has taken his time to teach you his much demanded fitness secrets. You will see him and I perform and teach you over 50 of the top exercises so you will know what it takes to develop a body that looks great naked. These are the exercises we do, and you must also do if you want to develop a body that looks great Naked!

For the first time ever Sean Harley shares some of his weight lifting secrets on how he developed a top notch bod (I’ve been working out in gyms for a long time and even I was amazed by some of these weight lifting methods). We also go over some weightlifting safety, so you stay injury free while working out, as well as teaching you some advance techniques used by some of the top fitness models to get you maximum results.

This is one of the most complete and entertaining fitness DVD’s you will ever find!

Next I’m going to give you my Ultimate Endurance, Stamina, and Fat Loss burning cardio workout DVD.
Let me tell you a little more on why this DVD is so important to your success.
First off it’s very convenient and easy to follow. It only takes 20 minutes and can be done anywhere: at the beach, the park, in your house, etc.
It will allow you to burn the maximum amount of fat by increasing your metabolism to the highest levels possible. Doing this 20 minutes workout you will get you the same kind of results you would if you ran five miles, and running five miles takes much more then 20min and very few people could even do it.

David's Ultimate Cardio Workout DVD
Take your Endurance, Stamina, and Fat Loss to the Highest Level!
This workout will also increase your endurance and stamina in every way possible. Now why is all that endurance and stamina so important? Huh? Just follow this system for a few months and you’ll soon know why. Remember the theme is “Looking Great Naked”.
Free Bonus 2
($19.99 value)
High School Senior Picture
Age 17, 6'1, under 140lbs
I realized I needed to learn the correct ways to train. I starting reading every book and watching every video I could find on working out. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I cut my workouts down to just four times per week, for less then an hour a session. The results came quickly, but I was still not satisfied.

One book would say to workout like this, another like this, while the magazine would say "this bodybuilder works out like this so you should too!" . How was I going to find the perfect workout program when everyone said something different? Well, I was young, so I simply tried them all! Over the next few years, I did every workout program I could get my hands on, in an attempt to find the perfect workout program.
The Great Glutes DVD
Develop the Best Butt Possible
What great naked body would be complete without a great Gluteus Maximus? 

I’ve included the DVD that will teach you how to develop the Best Butt possible. The exercises I’m going to teach you in this DVD are the exact same one’s I do and have used for my clients to help them develop great glutes. Most of these exercises are very simple and basic butt the way I’m going to teach you how to do them will change the way you train forever.

Do to most people’s job, under active lifestyle, or incorrect training methods most people have flat unattractive butts. This DVD will change all that. Simply apply the exercises I’m teaching you in this DVD for as little a 2x a week for 30 minutes and in less that a month you will have Great Glutes that will Look Great Naked!

With this DVD you will get a Great Butt Guaranteed!
Now that you know what exercises you need to do in order to “Look Great Naked” I’m going to teach you how to use those exercises in the most effective workout system possible.

If you don’t have a plan you’re planning to fail. I’ve taken all the guess work out of training. I’ve created for you a scientific training system that will produce the best and fastest results possible. This system follows the “10 Growth Factors” and is proven to work. 

The system includes workout programs for beginners to advance, from 3x a week for only 30 minutes to 5x a week for 1hour. 
Looking Great Naked Weight Training System

These methods are very effective but yet easy to follow and do. They will challenge you but only at your own pace because they follow the rules of periodization, allowing your body to adapt and continue to always make progress. You will have enough workout plans to get you results for years to come.

Note- It's all in e-book format for you to download immediately and save to your computer, then print it out to take it to the gym with you.
Looking Great Naked Cardio, Endurance, and Stamina Training System
Learn how to maximize your Cardio, Endurance, and Stamina results in the most effective ways possible. This System combines the Ultimate Endurance, Stamina, and Fat Loss burning cardio workout with other methods I’ve found to work at producing fast and long lasting results.

Once you began to apply this system you will began to loss fat at the fastest rate possible. Your metabolism will began to sky rocket allowing you to eat more of the things you like while still getting lean.

In a matter of a couple weeks the flab around you waist will began to disappear leave you with a nice “six-pack”. The fat burning results you get following this workout will be “phenomenal”! The new increased endurance and stamina you will have will make you “the best” and allow you to do things you never thought possible more and more for as long as you want.
Note- It's all in e-book format for you to download immediately and save to your computer, then print it out to take it to the gym with you.
Nutrition is about 70% of your progress. With that being said it’s very important you read and follow the “Looking Great Naked” Nutrition system.

Here you will learn the 6 Rules of performance nutrition, what the top fitness models eat, how much protein you need, and a few other secrets that will produce incredible results, and much more. This is not a diet, not a fad weight lose plan, or any other here today gone tomorrow way of eating. This is the most effective scientifically proven way of eating.

Looking Great Naked Nutritional System
Follow this Nutritional System and….
1. Your body to increase your metabolism to the highest levels possible, making your body a fat burning machine.
2. Allow your body to fully recover from even the most intense weight lifting workouts, meaning you’ll be able to keep the muscle you’ve worked hard for.
3. Balance your insulin levels which will increase you energy, endurance, and stamina so you can go longer and harder.

This is the same type of nutritional system Olympic athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models, and even diabetics follow. Why? Because it’s the healthiest and most effective method of eating for you body. And with the extra tips and secrets I’ve included you will see why it’s the simplest and most fun way of eating and why it’s a way of eating you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life and always see great results.

This is the nutrition plan I’ve been following since I was seventeen because it works!

Note- It's all in e-book format for you to download immediately and save to your computer, then print it out to take it to the grocery store with you.
David’s Intense Training DVD
See Me in Action

For the first time ever on DVD you can watch as I perform some very intense gym workouts. Imagine following me through the gym as I perform several of my most intense workouts, doing the most effective and advance exercises.

Watching this DVD feels as if you are working out with me. Why did I decide to do this? I want to make is possible for anyone to get into shape.

This DVD is so important to your fitness success it may even be the key that unlocks your true fitness potential and allows you to Look Great Naked!

Beneficial factors from this DVD:
1. You get a chance to see what it’s like to perform an intense and effective workout.
2 You will learn over 40 very effective exercises.
3. You will see me perform several advance exercises methods that you can use.
4. You will be inspired and motivated to train after watching this DVD and examples.
5. The motivation and positive energy from this DVD is contagious!

Researchers and psychologists have found that the brain contains neurons called "mirror neurons," which work at an unconscious level causing the body to mimic others. This means when you see people doing something and the results they’ve achieved because of it, you are much more likely to do it and achieve the same results yourself.
The Beach Workout DVD
Fit and Fun in the Sun


Watch me on a Sunny day at Venice beach as I do a full body workout. You will be entertained and stimulated as you see me perform one exercise after another working my entire body in the most creative ways possible.
And yes I was sore the next day (this is a very effective workout).

I created this DVD to show you that you can get develop a Body that Looks Great Naked anywhere. I could take you out to the middle of the jungle and put you through a workout that will make you look Great Naked in a matter of weeks.

This will open your mind to a new world of creative fitness.

Train anywhere, anytime, and get a tan… I mean results.
David’s Photo Shoot Experience
Free Bonus 3
($19.99 value)
How would you like to be right there with me during one of my photo shoots?

Here’s your chance to see me during one of my first photo shoots back when I was just a Rookie. None of the photos from this shoot ever appeared in any magazines or ads but its sure fun to see one of my very first photos shoots in action. This is the first and so far only photo shoot of mine that was ever filmed.

You’ll get to see what goes on during these photo shoots and what is said to get me to smile and all the other entertaining things that are done.

Also, by request, you’ll get to see the famous “Talking Pecs”, yes my pecs do talk.
The Late Day Show
The Full Season

Free Bonus 4
($35 value)
It’s rude, it’s crude, and it’s the Late Day Show with your host David Rich.

A couple years ago when I live in Northern California I use to star in this little known comedy show call the “Late Day Show”. We had a small fan base up there as we ran our five “hit” episodes.

The show features me as male supermodel Davio, the Pugoni Phat Psychic, P-Fool the Groin Initiator, and much more.

If you have a sense of humor you’ll love it, if not then use this DVD as a Frisbee.

The entire Looking Great Naked  Training System is valued at: $295
David Rich and Sean Harley Workout DVD: $29.99
David’s Intense Training DVD: $29.99
The Beach Workout DVD: $19.99
David's Ultimate Cardio Workout DVD: $19.99
The Great Gluteus DVD: $19.99
Workout, Cardio, and Nutrition e-Book: $59.99
The Great Gluteus DVD: $19.99
David's Ultimate Cardio Workout DVD: $19.99
David’s Photo Experience DVD: $19.99
The Late Day Show DVD: $35
David personally answering your fitness questions: $60

The entire “Looking Great Naked Training System” will be sold for
ONLY $29.99 today.

Don't delay or you will miss out!

I’ve been getting loads of email from happy customers who love the “Looking Great Naked Training System” and I believe you will too. With my 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My Guarantee:
The Looking Great Naked Training system is the most Effective, Motivating, and Entertaining training system on the planet or your money back.

100% Money back guarantee policy: If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this book simply return it within the first 60 days and you will receive a full 100% refund.
My Pledge:
I, David Rich, stand by this product 100% and it is very high quality product for your money. It combines years of information and hours in the gym to create the most valuable, inspiring, and entertaining training system you will find.

You will learn…
-The Most effective ways to train
-How to eat to get results
-How to lift weights safely and correctly
-Advanced methods of training
-How to burn more fat in a very short period of time
-How to develop an awesome Butt

You will see….
-Sean and I perform over 120 of the best result producing exercise that you need to know
-Me perform several intense workouts for you to do
-A great Cardio workout that can be done almost anywhere
-I also perform a very useful beach workout that you can then do at the beach, park, or any outdoor location.
-The Best Butt exercises
-What goes on at my photo shoot
-And of Course, The Late Day Show

You will…
-Become very motivated
-Reach your fitness Goals
-Be very entertained and inspired
-Live the life you want to live
-Get a great Butt
-And  Look Great Naked!

ORDER TODAY! And get started on your fitness goals ASAP.

The Looking Great Naked Training System for only $29.99 with the five free bonuses ($155 dollar value) is a special offer.  These DVD's will sell out soon and once their gone their gone for good. Don't miss out, order today, you will be glad you did! 
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This system works. It’s worked for me and it will work for you Guaranteed!
Let me be the first to say your DVD series is AWSOME!!!  If anyone is hesitant about purchasing don’t be. These DVD really are the most motivating and entertaining ones I’ve seen. Thank you very much David!
-Frank K
Thanks for creating such an awesome workout system. Seeing you workout real intense like that is very motivating, maybe after a few weeks of following your system I’ll be able to workout that intense too. Getting to see Sean and you workout was probably my favorite part. Seeing two of the hottest bodies in fitness team up to teach people their secrets is priceless. Once again thanks, and I look forward to ordering more products from you in the future.
Your #1 fan,
By far the best workout system on the planet! Nothing even comes close, David Rich and "his guest celebrity" (I now know who he is) teaming up what could be better?
Stay buff and I will look like you guys soon, hopefully by summer.
Your Student,
DavidRichFitness how can I buy stock in you company?  Your workout DVD’s are the best I’ve ever seen, Perfect 10. I can tell you really put a lot of hard work into them as well as in your amazing body.
It’s also a great tool for you to include an e-book full of workout plans. I already printed the Advanced Level III workouts and I’ve done 2 workouts so far, I love it. I’m also following the advice from “The Great Glutes DVD” so I to can have a butt like yours. I think in a month or two you and I should make a fitness DVD because after following your programs I’ll be ready!
Zack, UK
It even gets better.

Order within the next 24 hours and I’ll give you these five FREE bonus, valued at $155 dollars, as my gift to you.
(This includes my personal email address so you can ask me your fitness questions)
The Looking Great Naked Training System Featuring David Rich and
his Guest Celebrity plus the five Free bonuses
$29.99 (Today)

Free Bonus 1
($19.99 value)
"The Looking Great Naked Training System", which has been feature in magazines like Playgirl, DNA, Gaydar, Gay Web Money, and on numerous Websites and is the first  DVD’s featuring David Rich and his Sean Harley.